Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is a Kahoot!

Looking for something new to get students involved with your lesson using their own handheld device or a device they use in school?

Looking for a way to see if students understand a concept you just taught?

Looking for some great ways to have your students start a discussion, complete a survey, or give a quiz?

Well, look no further!


Kahoot is a game - based classroom response system which is prefect for all levels.

I teach 2nd grade and my students love Kahoot!  I also teach at the college level and will be using it with them as well.  Everyone can benefit from this great response system.  

You can set up an account for FREE and students do not need an account so it is perfect for the elementary level.

You can complete the process in a couple of easy steps.

  1. You just project your discussion, quiz, or survey on your SMARTboard or whiteboard.
  2. The students log onto kahoot.it , they are asked to enter the game-pin, then they enter a nickname and wait for you to begin.  
  3. You press begin and the first question appears on the SMARTboard and students answer on their device.  
It is fantastic and quick!  You can go back later and look at the results!

There are some terrific tutorials on youtube if additional information is needed!

Take some time to check out Kahoot!