Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bloomz! A Teacher's Dream App!

Do you love to keep parents in the loop?
Do you wish you could share pictures of your students securely with your parents?
Do you want to have a calendar specific to your class to make parent's life easier?

And be able to do this all for FREE!

If so...this app is for you!!

Bloomz - to download the app
or go to to learn more!

I found this app on Twitter @BloomzApp and downloaded it immediately!  Now I can not use it until September but thought it is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  I set up a classroom and even took time to check out all the features.  I know once September comes I will not have that luxury but to have the opportunity to play with the app now was perfect.

Bloomz philosophy is  Connect + Coordinate + Communicate = Success
and they are absolutely correct.
You can connect with your parents through updates and photos!
You can coordinate sign-ups and a calendar (This is fabulous and love that it is all in one place)!
You can communicate with the class or an individual parent, along with getting email alerts!
This all equals success with parent involvement in the classroom!

I thought it was awesome until...

 I went to ISTE and was lucky enough to meet the people from Bloomz, I could not wait to tell them how much I loved their app and couldn't wait to use it in September.  I was there with other colleagues and went crazy when they could meet the people from Bloomz and hear more about this awesome app!  I felt like I was meeting celebrities!  They are the most down to earth people I have met and they were so thankful that people are learning about their app! I also can't wait to share it with all my colleagues.

As I mentioned before you can follow them on Twitter @BloomzApp  and even on Facebook /BloomzApp

Check them out!  Download the app and be as amazed as I am!