Thursday, June 21, 2018

My excitement is building for ISTE 2918!

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I have not blogged in several years for many reasons, family, job, etc.  However, I decided I need to return because I enjoy sharing what I learn with others and what a great time to start over is with ISTE!  

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend NCEA this year in Cincinnati and I have to tell you it was truly amazing and the amount of new knowledge I walked away with was incredible however it was over Easter break and it wasn't the time to start my blog again.

So my goal is going to be to blog at least twice during ISTE!  Would I love to set the goal to blog everyday of ISTE? YES!  But I think I am setting a goal which is unrealistic. 

I hope you follow and find out about my incredible journey at ISTE and back into blogging!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Top 5 Apps that Started my Year off Right!

I am not an expert but these 5 apps will make my life easier and I hope they do the same for you!

1. Bloomz 
Bloomz is a great app to keep students and parents involved in your classroom.  You have the opportunity to send pictures and alerts securely!  Please check them out my parents love this and so do I! 

My Blog Post Explaining Bloomz

2. Handouts
Handouts is a fabulous app which allows you to take a picture of any worksheet, send it to your students and then the students send it back completed and you will be able to grade them!  
3. Evernote
Evernote is a wonderful app and website which gives me the ability to have a checklist of my students assignments and the ability to keep track of what they have returned to me.  I am able to use my laptap, iPad, or even my iPhone, whatever is handy!

Kahoot is an app on Google Play however there is not one on iPads, however, I made one from there website and it works perfect!  My students love it and it makes reviewing fun!

Check out my blog post about Kahoot

5. Chirp
(Look Under iPhone Only Apps)
Chirp is a wonderful way of sharing a website or picture with your students!
Students love it and it makes it easier on teachers :)

Please add your favorite app below in the comments!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bloomz! A Teacher's Dream App!

Do you love to keep parents in the loop?
Do you wish you could share pictures of your students securely with your parents?
Do you want to have a calendar specific to your class to make parent's life easier?

And be able to do this all for FREE!

If so...this app is for you!!

Bloomz - to download the app
or go to to learn more!

I found this app on Twitter @BloomzApp and downloaded it immediately!  Now I can not use it until September but thought it is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  I set up a classroom and even took time to check out all the features.  I know once September comes I will not have that luxury but to have the opportunity to play with the app now was perfect.

Bloomz philosophy is  Connect + Coordinate + Communicate = Success
and they are absolutely correct.
You can connect with your parents through updates and photos!
You can coordinate sign-ups and a calendar (This is fabulous and love that it is all in one place)!
You can communicate with the class or an individual parent, along with getting email alerts!
This all equals success with parent involvement in the classroom!

I thought it was awesome until...

 I went to ISTE and was lucky enough to meet the people from Bloomz, I could not wait to tell them how much I loved their app and couldn't wait to use it in September.  I was there with other colleagues and went crazy when they could meet the people from Bloomz and hear more about this awesome app!  I felt like I was meeting celebrities!  They are the most down to earth people I have met and they were so thankful that people are learning about their app! I also can't wait to share it with all my colleagues.

As I mentioned before you can follow them on Twitter @BloomzApp  and even on Facebook /BloomzApp

Check them out!  Download the app and be as amazed as I am!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DENapalooza 2015, Handouts, and so much more!

On Sunday, February 8th, 2015, I had the opportunity to attend

                                             DENAPALOOZA 2015!

It was an absolutely incredible day which started with a wonderful new video talking about the DEN (Discovery Educator Network)!  

If your not a DEN Star click here to learn more!

The keynote speaker was Dr. Lodge McCammon who talked to us about how important Music is to learning!  He was an amazing speaker and motivator, I have now started to use even more music in my room to enhance my teaching!

There were many incredible sessions where you were inspired to be even more creative in your classroom then most teachers are already.

I had the opportunity to share my favorite new app called Handouts during the Strategic Sharing Showcase!  I was able to tell them about how I can not live without the app and how it is making such a difference in my life. Everyone was very excited to know that they would have the opportunity to save their school money by not making as many copies and saving themselves time from standing at the copy machine!  You can read my blog post about Handouts here!

I am working right now to set up our school as a pilot school for Handouts and I will blog about our journey and how each teacher is using the app!

The day was absolutely incredible and I look forward to attending next years event before Pete & C 2016! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Handouts App...How did I ever live without you?

This week my life became much easier and it is all thanks to an app I have discovered while on Facebook!  I saw this app and thought why not give it a try.... I never thought that after one use, I would wonder how I ever live without it!  Thank goodness I don't have too!

This app is 

This app is available for android and apple devices!

I was not sure how I would use this app in Second Grade and how my students would adapt to not having a "hard copy" of a worksheet ...  Well, they loved it and so do I!  

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, WOW!

1. Download the app from the app or android store.
2. Create a teacher account and set up your classes 
( I set one up for math, reading, spelling, and writing)
3. Since my students are in second grade I set up accounts for them.
(Once they have an account, they can join other classes with other teachers)
4. Take a picture of my worksheet
(You can pull from a file as well)
5. Have the students log on and complete handout!

The students receive a notification that there is a handout waiting for them.  Once they complete the handout then they click "Turn in".  It is that simple!  
Then I am able to grade it and add notes or stickers!

Take some time to check it out....You will love it too!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hour of Code December 8-14, 2014

As a classroom teacher and tech enthusiast I can not wait to celebrate the Hour of Code.  I am not saying I do not teach my students coding throughout the year it just means I love to make it is a celebration!  Any time you can celebrate students learning it is a perfect moment!

I would love if you share your favorite site or app!
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is a Kahoot!

Looking for something new to get students involved with your lesson using their own handheld device or a device they use in school?

Looking for a way to see if students understand a concept you just taught?

Looking for some great ways to have your students start a discussion, complete a survey, or give a quiz?

Well, look no further!


Kahoot is a game - based classroom response system which is prefect for all levels.

I teach 2nd grade and my students love Kahoot!  I also teach at the college level and will be using it with them as well.  Everyone can benefit from this great response system.  

You can set up an account for FREE and students do not need an account so it is perfect for the elementary level.

You can complete the process in a couple of easy steps.

  1. You just project your discussion, quiz, or survey on your SMARTboard or whiteboard.
  2. The students log onto , they are asked to enter the game-pin, then they enter a nickname and wait for you to begin.  
  3. You press begin and the first question appears on the SMARTboard and students answer on their device.  
It is fantastic and quick!  You can go back later and look at the results!

There are some terrific tutorials on youtube if additional information is needed!

Take some time to check out Kahoot!