Saturday, January 24, 2015

Handouts App...How did I ever live without you?

This week my life became much easier and it is all thanks to an app I have discovered while on Facebook!  I saw this app and thought why not give it a try.... I never thought that after one use, I would wonder how I ever live without it!  Thank goodness I don't have too!

This app is 

This app is available for android and apple devices!

I was not sure how I would use this app in Second Grade and how my students would adapt to not having a "hard copy" of a worksheet ...  Well, they loved it and so do I!  

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, WOW!

1. Download the app from the app or android store.
2. Create a teacher account and set up your classes 
( I set one up for math, reading, spelling, and writing)
3. Since my students are in second grade I set up accounts for them.
(Once they have an account, they can join other classes with other teachers)
4. Take a picture of my worksheet
(You can pull from a file as well)
5. Have the students log on and complete handout!

The students receive a notification that there is a handout waiting for them.  Once they complete the handout then they click "Turn in".  It is that simple!  
Then I am able to grade it and add notes or stickers!

Take some time to check it out....You will love it too!