is a great alternative to show your iPad on your SMART-board instead of the more expensive choices.  I have been using Reflector for two years and I love it!

MeeGenius! Kids' Books
By MeeGenius
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MeeGenius! Kids' Books is a fabulous app being used in our PreSchool, Kindergarten, and First Grades.  I plan on introducing it to our Second Grade classrooms next year when the iPads are introduced in their rooms.   Two wonderful things about this app.  First, the students have the opportunity to read the book by themselves or can have the book read to them depending on their stage of reading.  Secondly, you are able to have an education account so you will receive 70 free books instead of the traditional 7!  Terrific app!

Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch
By Pinger, Inc.
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Doodle Buddy is a fabulous app being used in our Kindergarten classroom.  They are using it to review word families but allowing the students to write the words and draw a corresponding picture to show understanding.  You are also able to email the student's work to their parents to show what the child is learning that day!  Great App!